8 Amazing Reasons To Love Your Stability Cushion

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wobble cushion for helping students concentrate and focus in classroom

A stability cushion, also known as an exercise disc, balance cushion, wobble cushion or stability disc is a simple, round inflatable device with a non slip surface on one side and a textured bumpy sensory side on the other.

They are used to strengthen core stability, improve balance and to help children with special educational needs settle and concentrate when needed in the classroom or at home.

A wobble cushion is strong enough to sit and stand on with the benefits of an unstable surface.

What Are The 8 Benefits Of A Stability Cushion?

  • 1) Encourages and develops core strength and stability
  • 2) Improves energy levels for an improved active lifestyle
  • 3) Reduces physical instability, fatigue and pain
  • 4) Promotes tone and lean muscle
  • 5) Aids in weight loss
  • 6) Improves concentration for adults and children
  • 7) Improves the ability to manage stress
  • 8) Targets the abdominal core muscles, cardiovascular system, legs, glutes, and improves balance

If you are looking to strengthen your core muscles, decrease back pain, and improve your posture, sitting on a wobble cushion or stability cushion makes the simple act of sitting a dynamic and active experience.

Stability Cushions

Brand Name

Star Rating

More Details

Air Stability Wobble Cushion
Blue – 34cm/13.5in Diameter Disc with large spiky dimples one side & small dimples other side, Pump Included

4.2 / 5 Stars

34cm / 13.4 in Trideer Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion w/ Pump
Extra Thick Flexible Seating

4.6 / 5 Stars

13in / 33cm Bintiva Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion w/ Pump/ Core Balance Disc

4.4 / 5 Stars

13 inch Tumaz Wobble Cushion – Wiggle Seat for Improve Sitting Posture & Attention

4.6 / 5 Stars

Black Mountain Balance and Stability Disc with Hand Pump

4.5 / 5 Stars

How Does A Balance Cushion Work?

Stability Cushion for adults to improve core stabilityThe gently inflated stability cushion sits directly onto the chair seat, providing an unstable sitting surface for adults and children alike. The body needs to make dynamic, small continuous movements to correct your balance.

The deep, core stability muscles which work to provide posture support for the body are continually strengthened. After a short period of time of using a disk, you will find your core muscles are considerably stronger, improving both the muscles which stabilize you and hold you upright, as well as your postural improvement.

These cushions are especially good if you sit at a desk all day and are feeling the discomfort of being sedentary and suffer a sore bottom.

They are a good alternative to using a full sized stability ball when circumstances don’t suit the use of one of these large balls.

Stability cushions can support up to 350 pounds or about 160 kilograms.

The most useful and effective way to use a stability disc for improving core strength and straightening less than perfect posture, is to sit on the cushion for short periods and often during the day. Yes, it is possible to slouch, so it is important to be aware to maintain good sitting posture. If you like the idea of using these at the office, perhaps it’s time to consider the benefits of sitting on a stability ball chair…..

The Benefits Of A Stability Cushion For Children

wobble disc for children with learning difficultiesSchools and kindergartens frequently use stability cushions as an aid to help children with concentration and learning difficulties to sit still and focus. Children who use these wobble cushions fidget less and are less destructive in the classroom.

One side features an anti-slip surface and the other side is designed to stimulate sensory receptors with the many tiny raised spiky bumps. Children can sit or stand on them as they choose , or choose to use the smooth side or the textured side. These cushions are very good at encouraging improved balance and coordination function in children with these difficulties and are a fun way to to improve their balance / coordination skills.

The discs are available in a range of colors for children to enjoy. There is also a range of sizes to suit the ages of individual children.

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